Rumors About Apple’s Upcoming iPhone 7 Attract Attention

Even while sales have flagged a bit, anticipation remains high when a new iPhone comes onto the horizon. Apple News sites receive more visits surrounding events of this kind than with any other updates, as people around the world race to see what the upcoming device will have to offer. Sites like MacCrunch do a great job of keeping visitors up to date, breaking news and releasing the latest tidbits as soon as they become available.

While a firm features of the new iPhone has yet to be announced, plenty of things are already known about the new device. For one, the upcoming phone will be the first from Apple to do away with buttons entirely, a move that will give the company’s famously capable designers even more freedom. Instead, the iPhone 7 is set to make use of a touch-sensitive chassis that will allow for all the necessary control. Rather than pushing on a physical volume rocker, for example, users will simply drag a finger up the phone’s back in order to make the sound louder or softer.


At least one apple news blog has released pictures of the new device, and it is as streamlined and beautiful as might be hoped. Apple has steadily pushed for thinner, sleeker devices, and its achievements in this realm together undoubtedly account for a good bit of its historical success. The newest iPhone will immediately become the most accomplished of all in this regard, with the lack of physical buttons endowing it with a case almost totally free of distractions.

Bigger is still better, too, and the tiny seeming iPhones of days past have clearly been left to history. While there are still some who might prefer a phone with a screen under four inches across the diagonal, the size of that cohort is steadily shrinking. As people have come to demand more from their phones, they have become increasingly comfortable with form factors that enabled easier usage throughout the day, and that means screens of certain size. The upcoming iPhone will undoubtedly continue this trend, building further on the 6S that so many already consider such a success.

In other words, the iPhone 7 is likely to be everything that fans hope for, with plenty of surprises still to come. Although the urge to upgrade on account of performance has lessened for many, the new iPhone is likely to show that the smartphone industry is still a place where excitement, innovation, and novelty are the rule.